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Hicks Lightning Protection provides installed lightning protection and grounding systems for commercial and residential structures.  Our services also include ground testing and surge suppression.

Company News

  • DFW Terminal E Parking Garage

    Hicks has been awarded the new DFW Terminal E Parking Garage.

    Dallas/Fort Worth Airport will spend $96 million constructing a new parking garage for Terminal E as part of its terminal redevelopment program.

    The new garage for Terminal E will cover the middle and southern sections of the terminal. The airport does not plan to tear down the northern garage section of Terminal E as it is only a little over a decade-old.

    The two parking sections that the airport plans to replace currently has 2,337 parking spaces. When construction is completed on the five-level garages, the two sections will have 3,992 parking spaces.

    About $4.3 million of the contract will be used on a new parking guidance system, similar to one installed in Terminal A's new parking garage that has red and green lights above occupied and open spaces.

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